10 February 2012

Hope you all the best, friend

Hi, you. (You know who you are, girl)
Well firstly, I wanna say how are you?
Hope you’re fine. Well, I’m kinda miss you actually. But I know it isn’t right. So I choose to not miss you.

Time flies so fast since that incident. Yeah. That incident. You fooled me twice, my friend. And it isn’t right. How could you betray me, my friend? Do I so that unimportant to you? I thought you were my best friend. But I was wrong. Truly wrong. Its not about him, its about you. I put my big trust on you, girl. You know exactly who am I. I can’t stay mad at you. But when you betrayed my trust. You lie to me. I can’t stand it. Why? Why you did that?
I don’t mind about your relationship. It’s you both two rights. But, why its really hard to say? To admit that you’re two in love? Once you lie to me, I won’t ever trust you. In fact it’s twice. No, no. No my friend. I’m done.

I hope all the best for you two. I miss you, really. But I don’t want to be fooled any longer. I heard that your uncle just passed away, eh? I’m truly sorry to hear that. May your uncle rest in peace. O:)

Your (ex) best friend.


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