31 January 2012

Penny for your thoughts.

Dear Money,

If someone gave me a penny each time they ask what i’m thinking of, i’d be a rich girl by now. God knows my mind is never quiet and always busy thinking, thinking and thinking…but nobody asks, let alone gives me a penny.

Do you know what I think of you? you’re a celebrity, people want you, looking for you, flashing you here, there and everywhere. You’re the apple of the world’s eye just like the saying, “Money makes the world go round” and i guess for someone like me who doesn’t own you, i stay in the same place all the time, must be dizzying to move around and around eh?

I don’t want you but I do need you, I don’t love you but I also don’t hate you, it’s a mixed up feeling that i have right now for you and of course i do care about you, i care how i use you each time i have you though it’s always for a brief moment. There’s an emptiness in my purse, longing for you, waiting for you but you never came.

I wish my parents gave me a name “Money Penny” just like in James Bond’s movies, maybe then i’ll be blessed with you all the time, maybe then you’ll stick with me like a magnet, but i’m just a jobless, poor girl who needs you so bad. Will you at least be kind to me?

Pretty Please?

PS: I’m needing you right now, so bad that it aches, to pay my bills, to save a little for food and transport especially in July where for the first time after 4 long years someone was kind enough to buy me a plane ticket to go back home to my hometown, but i need you to get by.

oleh @NonaHujan_

diambil dari http://strangerinengland.tumblr.com/

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