02 February 2012

I'm a gnome and you are my favourite human.

Dear Mr. Man,
I'm a gnome
hiding in your garden...
I'm so tiny,
you can't even see me...
I'm a gnome
and you're my favourite human,
I talk about you
to the ladybugs and honey bees
all the time...

Early in the dawn
or when you're not around,
I write my love to you
with the morning dew...
I write it on your window
while holding on to your window sill...

I told story about you
to the butterfly that passed by,
told her about the first time I saw you,
about how my love pour down
from drizzle to rain...

I'm a gnome
and I like myself a lot,
tho since I saw you,
I spent quite a lot of time
wondering how it feels to be human...

Will you like me?
Will you like my red pointy hat too?

But it's okay,
as long as I can still see you
I know it's a good blissful day,
so I won't complain...
You're just 100 steps away...

I'm a gnome,
living in your garden...
I trim the bushes
and hose your flowers too...
You're my favourite human,
you make me smitten like a kitten...

Tho sometimes I wish I was a human
so I can watch TV with you
sitting side by side,
I learn to be grateful
and tell myself every day and night,
"As long as I can still see him,
all happy and alive,
I know I've been living a good gnomish life".

Hope to see you soon, Mr. Man...
I am optimistic because
your favourite movie is on HBO tonight.

Seal it with lavender scented love,
- Little Ms. Gnome-

oleh @mumsyelle

diambil dari http://operationloveletter.blogspot.com/

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