30 January 2012

Mr ‘Dirty-Little-Secret’

Hey, hot guy! (That’s what I call you). Yes.. It’s been a while we don’t hang out together. And yes, baby. I miss you. I miss you so much. Where have you been? You’ve gone..

You’ve gone since the last time we met. The last time you came to my house. I remember that day.. You keep texting me since morning just to meet me. I was confused. Cos.. You know. I WAS with somebody else that day. I just don’t want to let him down because of this.. Because of this relationship.

Talking about this relationship, actually I don’t exactly know what we are. Yes. We met, we went for some dates, we kissed, we teased, we were having fun together.. It might be an open relationship. But the different is, no one knows. They have no idea if we really often to hang out together. We keep this for ourselves. And evetho’ I know that you have this kinda ‘relationship’ with the other girls..

You often say that this is our ‘Dirty Little Secret’. Yea, babe. I remember when we suddenly met each other amongst our friend, we pretend like there’s nothing happen. I’ve ever felt so sad. I mean, with everything that we did. When you met me, (and them) you act like there’s nothing happen. You pretend that every memories are never exist. But as you said before, I’ll keep this for us. And yes, I can’t be selfish anyway..

I was in love with you before, but when you completely disappear, I finally get over you and go out with someone else. But why are you coming back again? You say it won’t ruin my relationship my boyf but I just can’t. I don’t want to fall in love (again) with you. We’re too different. I’m afraid when I fall deeper, you pretend that.. We’re just friends. I won’t do that, darling. I don’t want to be a fool one anymore.

I’m sorry. You were the funniest part of my life. But I think that’s enough. Thanks for the ride these months. Take care, there.


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