30 January 2012


Dear You,
In my lonely cold solitude nights, i keep asking to myself deep inside, almost cry:

"What if you have a boyfriend, but he's not available to have a dinner with you?
He doesn't have time to go anywhere with you?
How can 2 people who are not together and don't see each other, call each other boyfriend and girlfriend?
Then what's the use in having a boyfriend?"

And suddenly a soft voice whispering to me....

"Dear sweetheart, the answer is... People don't have boyfriend or girlfriend to be together all the time.
But they have boyfriend or girlfriend to know that there's still someone who loves them and cares about them."

Dear You,
Though we far apart, i'll always keep the promise inside my heart. That we'll always love and care each other. We'll always have each other. Though we far apart. Until the day we meet, again.....


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