30 January 2012

One in the Morning

Dear, you.

It’s one in the morning and I miss you more than I should.
It’s the subtle reminders that make the nights so hard.
Maybe it’s how the television flashes your face in the space where the smiles should rest, or maybe it’s the areas in the voices that remind me of yours, either way, I still feel you in the static.

I swear I’m moving on.
I still clutch my pillow every night, pretending you’re not gone.
I know I have every reason to walk the lonely road away from you, but I have yet to enjoy a step.

Maybe this isn’t as easy as I hoped it’d be.
Maybe I still feel you carved into my veins.
Your arms belong around my waist, your hands belong in mine.
I’ll love you ‘til my last breath shakes loose from these punctured lungs.
Break my bones and leave me dry.
This was never what I planned.

Me. A man, who can’t be moved.

oleh @kyogas (Asta Kinan Prayoga)

diambil dari http://kyogas.tumblr.com/

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