01 February 2012


Dear San-san,

It's been years since our last meeting, right?

I remember you were angry at me, for a reason I never understand. I remember you didn't want to talk to me, at all, until you graduated from our junior high school. I remember I tried to talk to you, a lot of times. I didn't understand why should you stop talking to me. I remember even when I came to your house with my friends and yours, you didn't talk a bit to me. And finally, a day, I could get you on the phone, and you said you weren't angry, and we're friends again. It was the last time I hear your voice.

You know, I liked you. I thought you did too, because my friends told me so. It doesn't matter now, it's just that...it did matter. I was always happy being around you, talking to you, laughing with you. I loved how did you care to me. I was only a little girl, and little girls melt with such things I suppose.

The happiness broke when guys in your organization said that our friendship was "scandal". What the hell that was? I know, one of the girls there was your girl before I know you, but it didn't mean that we can't be friends, right? Then, I heard from my friend that you didn't want me because we have different religions. Oh come on. You sounded like you were going to marry me or something. But yes, that was the reason why you keep your mouth shut to me.

I don't like to admit but...you're the first boy breaking my heart to tears. And so far, you're the only one. I never cried for boys, whether they stop loving me, or cheat behind me, or even if they hated me like you did, but you, yeah, you, you made me cry. What's so special with you? I never know.

Let me tell you a story of a boy.

He has everything, he's smart, he's strong, he's a student executive board ex-president, he loves to write, he's a good public speaker, he's lecturers' favorite, he's friendly, and he's adored by too many girls, including me. Guess what was the first reason I'm included on that list? His face reminds me of you. Dammit. If he has no similar face with you, I wouldn't be this crazy about him.

Don't think that I still want you. Not in your dream. I just remember you, and keep you as one special person happened in my life.

I'm glad that we're friends again now, even only twitter friends. I don't interested in enemies, you know.

Thank you anyway, I think I have been babbling too much. Really hope you never read this.

Best regards,

Did you get my message, love? That I want to reconnect with you?
- Did you get my message, Jason Mraz

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