11 February 2012

Surat Kaleng untuk @ibnuhabibi 2

2nd -and probably the last- letter to : @ibnuhabibi

Hello again, you

First, I'm really sorry, for the inconvenience that may caused by the existence of this and previous letters, and also for many typo(s) in the first one. Gosh, I don't know why I use such this formal language.

Hello, you

I lost count of words in this letter, I don't know what to say. But if the end of the day I write such long letter then, well, only God knows what actually happens. If only I'm a word-crafter, I would have written so many wonderful words. But I could only tell the simple truth, you're beautiful. I simply recognize you in all beauty that surround me in form, in song, in fragrance, and in colour.

Hello, you

Life has become very dear to me, it brings me to you. And I can't describe the feelings I have just by knowing that I know you. But for sure, it's wonderful. Just like how you are. I've never heard you sing, or even talk, but your presence, probably portrays the best harmony man could ever listen -or I could ever listen-. You're not the solar spectrum with seven luminous colour, you're not the rainbow, yet, you're as beautiful as one.

Hello, you

Now you can see what I'm doing when I'm speechless. I'm blabbering, stammering, trying to find just a word.

Hello, you

Ten years from now, you'll probably forget this letter. And you'll forget this anonymous fan. But we'll probably meet one day. I hope. You probably have a clue, of who am I ;) Then you'll remember about the letter I have sent.

Hello, you

I simply just admire you. And I can reiterate it too often. I can't express it as much as I feel.

I'll meet you soon.

C'est un grand plaisir a vous connaitre

Sincerely yours,


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