20 January 2012

Ain’t No Mountains Huge Enough

Dear Boo-bies

How’s it hanging? or should i say how are you two hanging? since there are the two of you there that reside on my chest like two huge tumors with nipples. Are you two still hanging loose? have you dropped to the floor yet? seems like it, although slowly…

Over the years, seems like we have a “love and hate” relationship, don’t we? Most of the times i dislike you and wish that i were a flat chested girl rather than the Asian version of Pamela Anderson or worst Dolly Parton, over the years i curse you for being so big coz i cant wear cute clothes or dresses without looking like a pervert Lolita.

The other day I heard on the news about leaking silicone breasts but i guess i’ll have to be grateful to you
 coz you’re 100% original and i dont have to worry that you’re going to leak but i do worry that you’re going to sag or spill over whenever i gain an extra weight but still…

The three of us know when i’m grateful and full of admiration of you both, in fact i do sometimes love the feeling when you’re being fondled, caressed and ..well you get the picture and i don’t think i should go on about how lovely you are when you’re put to good use *cough*

I guess i have to be grateful that my grandma chose my mom and my mom chose me to bestow her natural big boobs rather than my two sisters, I promise in this New year i’ll make you stand out and proud (if possible) and I promise not to feel embarrassed by your size and make you feel confident, afterall you’re God’s gift to me..and that gift comes in pairs. I should be so lucky..lucky..lucky..lucky :)

PS: Hubby sings you a song that goes like this, “I like big boobs that i cannot hide”. You like it don’t cha?

oleh @NonaHujan_

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