04 February 2012

Surat Kaleng untuk @indri_sama

Kenapa aku di sini dan engkau di sana?

Surat ini ditujukan kepada @indri_sama seorang wanita manis pecinta teh merah dgn diiringi alunan biola di pagi hari, penelur visual novel ternama, penyuka anjing jenis puppy, dan ga bisa bohong.

Hai indri yang maunya dipanggil kajur padahal lulus kuliah aja belum!
ini kali kedua aku mengirimkan surat padamu.

Well, it seems that you've noticed who i am.
Yep! I'm, the one who you expects never exist. haha

As you read this letter,
We are miles away from our birthplace.
Wew, distance sure makes me nervous.
But that's not what I intended to say.
Hmm, it is about our growing-distance. Not in literally.
Simply I'd say that, I don't know you.
I mean, years we are knowing each other doesn't really make me to understand you.
Or the situation that makes me to understand you in the other way.
Not just "understand" as a friend.
But "understand" as a man-who-tries-to-get-close to you, and I failed.
And now I'm thinking to go with the flow.
You are the river and I'm the current.
Enjoying the entire curves of yours.
Not the curves of your body. But yours as the river.
Don't get the wrong idea, ok?

As I sent this letter,
I don't know we're gonna meet in a close time or not.
But by the time you read this letter, we have absolutely met.
And I would like to inform you officially that I'm glad to meet you and always (you can say in several dramatic ways) happy to see you around.

Pardon my bad english and you can tell that I am not a Ninja.

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