04 February 2012

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  The feel

Hey . I'm otw home now as usual :) you know that I am otw right? Of course you do because you just said good bye to me when I was about to board the bus.

You know days are passing by so quickly that soon it will be the time you will go and move to Surabaya. Hmm, maybe you do not know how sad I am from my look because all I do is just act normal or at least funny and pretending to be cranky infront all of you guys but deep inside I am truly affected by the fact that as fast as the flash of lightning that you will be leaving and even though you reassure me that we won't be really seperated because you will visit Batam once a month but still deep inside I just know that we'll never act the way we used to towards each other because we both are affected to deeply that something inside of us changes without we actually knowing it.

Today,3rd of February 2012, we actually cried because we know that we'll really miss each other eventhough we aren't as close as we used to be but deep inside we still really love and care about each other but just too afraid that it would be the wrong action to do if we let it out. All our memories are sweet you know mao :3 I hope that you'll never forget me and us even though you will get a better best friend in Ciputra Surabaya later.

Don't forget to tell me all your misery or emotion that you are feeling later. Anytime you can look for me. I'll be your diary if you still let me to be.

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