04 February 2012

Surat Kaleng untuk @monyetsexy

Dear Sexy Monkey,

How are you today? How are your friends in the Tweetzoo? I hope they all treat you well there. Sorry for not being in touch with you often as I understand that you're not just sexy, but busy as well. Not doing some monkey business, I believe :))

And I suddenly remembered you yesterday when I read on an online newspaper about a couple of orangutans who were successfully saved in Kalimantan Timur. Tears unstoppably ran on my cheeks while reading the article and seeing how terrified those orangutans were. They were a mother and her baby :'(

Dear the cutest Monkey in the world,

I wonder if you were aware that about a couple of months ago, there were many orangutans in Kalimantan got persecuted. So the news I just read wasn't really new, actually. I bet it broke your heart into pieces, as it broke mine. I can never understand why those people have a heart to kill those innocent creatures that even look like themselves. It's too evil. The word "orang" actually reflects how similar they are too human beings. So I think I am excused that I often feel sorry for animals more than for my fellow human beings. I do cry when a dog got beaten to death, but I didn't even shed a single tear when I heard a human being got murdered. Maybe I was an animal in the previous life.


I honestly don't really know how monkeys are related to orangutans. But you are the smaller version of them, I guess. Cuter version, I must say. And you are so lucky to live in that Tweetzoo where you can play and enjoy life as you're supposed to do. Not like those of your fellow monkeys who have to work and to be tortured everyday on the streets as "topeng monyet". Gosh. How I feel like crying each time I see a topeng monyet and I want to kill the topeng monyet man as well! It's not just anger, but I am really furious. My hands are shaking as I am writing you this letter, Onyet. They are chained and they are treated cruelly. I bet there are many times when they are hungry, and maybe when they get sick they would just be thrown away like garbage - yet they help their owners to earn a living. How can I tolerate such thing?

I can't. Never I will be able too. Ever.

Dear @MonyetSexy,

It has been months since the last time we met, and I miss you. I hope we will meet up again soon. By the way, do you have any relative in Holland? If so, and if any of them intend to have a holiday in Jakarta, can they get me a bottle of "Pisang Ambon" liquor at the duty free? I can't find it anywhere here and it's my favorite drink. Hey, don't tell me you want to try it! You are underage! Hehe.

OK, Onyet. Keep playful and cheerful as a monkey should be. Stays as the Tweetzoo's primadonna and don't ever grow up. We love cute and not just sexy monkeys.

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