21 January 2012

Surat Kaleng untuk @IzUmiCumi

To: @IzUmiCumi

Hey you sunset lover!

How's life? Seems like you are on top of your world. Having Cupid lingering your every moves. Holding hands with a wonderful Superman.

So glad that you have made peace with love. So happy that you finally have someone you can trust and rely on. Now, your lonely #galau tweets are gone with the wind.

Yup, you just hit a home-run, my dear friend. Ain't life grand?

There are a lot of moments when I feel like stepping to your front door. Throwing some surprises, pull out my dorky face out of nowhere and then we will have those small talks about our lives as the ultimate divine comedy.

That supposed to be very doable. For God's sake, now I am having the same postal code with you and I do pass your homie every single day.

But, there goes my stupid little plan. That one day, I came across your timeline. Stumbled upon some tweets. Your tweets to one of your BFF. Something's fishy going on and it wasn't good. Not good AT ALL.

I don't know and I don't want to know what kind of feud you are having right now. Honestly, those 'tweet-war' thingies are giving me these creeps.

Call me a fool, a chicken or someone who lost the battle before it even begun. Until this very second, I don't have the balls to poke you and say "hello". Yes, my friend, the fear of being rejected is haunting me like hell.

Yet, I miss our silly chit-chat. Sitting on your room, sipping a good cup of tea or maybe have a bite of your Mum's super duper yummy lasagna (well, one bite is never enough for that master piece :D)

God knows, when I will find the right way to be brave and have that casual conversation with you. You know me well, right? "Basa basi busuk" is never my cup of tea.
So, I don't put my hopes that high. Especially in this anonymous letter, written in my struggling English and not to mention, poor grammar.

However, I do believe in miracle. And perhaps that miracle will bring us together, like in the old goody days.

Anata ga inakute sabishii yo. Zutto kangaete iru yo.
-I miss you. I am thinking (of you)-

your (used to be) partner-in-crime

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