28 January 2012

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I Love You in Silent


Dear, you
How are you? Can guess who am I? Maybe yes, but maybe no.
Maybe I’ve lost my senses because loving you, my teacher in college. I don’t know what kind of virus had infected me that make me loving you so much like this. I’m just knowing that my mind always playing your face for every single time I through.
I know its silly. I’m wasting my 6 months for loving you in silent. Why? Because, if its realistic loving your teacher while he has a fiancee? Thats why I keep tight this feeling from you cause I wanna no hurt my self or maybe others just because I share what I feel to you.
I love you. Maybe you’ll do the same but you won’t, yes? Yes ! see? How silly I am. Ask you a question while knowing the answer  clearly.
For me, you’re just like a Pluto. Have been part of the Bimasakti but had kicked away because your place is really far. Yes, its you. We’re in short-range cause I always sit in the same chair in  your class, nearest from your desk, never absent a little bit. But our heart’s so far. I’ll never find it anywhere.
You know? I’m wishing that ‘us’ will exist from ‘you’ and ‘me’ but it doesn’t happen and would never. You have your own ‘us’ and its not with me. My friends have told me to stop loving you cause its not realistic. And they said that you’re just too old for me. No matter. Yet I never think about it at all.
But I realized that you aren’t for me. God has gave my rib to the other man and its not you.
God will always right and I have to stay away from you. You have your girl and this third semester would end. I don’t even know you’ll take a class again in next semester or no.
My heart all covered in bruises. No more red and white because its all  black and blue. But still, you’re at the special place in my heart. At least, till I’ve forgot this feeling and found someone new to replace you.
Loving someone silently is hurt. But tell you about this feeling is more hurt cause there’s no guarantee I’ll get it back. So I decided to loving you in silent.
Last, I wish you happy forever with her. Never mind, I’ll find someone new soon. But, before I do, let me to keep this love silently. Let me miss you til I found the new you. Let me kiss you in the dream. And call me when you’re blue.
Still, I love you silently...


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