21 January 2012

Surat Kaleng untuk @vipertongue

Dear Mr. Viper,

I like you. I like you a lot. I like the way you talk, I like your piercing eyes, but most of all, I like what's inside your mind. I like the first day I accidentally stumbled upon your twitter account, the best accident on my twitverse so far. I like how funny you are and how you can maintain to be that way yet, manly...

Knowing you in person is one thing I never thought will happen, but then it did. Perhaps this is the best time for me to give myself a pat in the back, saying, "You must have done something right last year...", but then again, I don't remember giving stray kitten milk or donating for any charity foundations. Unless helping my friend finish her food considered "doing something right"...

I think you are a person with amazing personality. You are brave enough to defy the norm or rules or whatever it is provided by the society when most of us don't even have the guts to do so. As a man, you realised it is better to stay honest and transparant rather than sugar coating people with high carbs comforting lies. And for that, I'll give "another point to Gryffindor"..

Dear Mr. Viper, I wish you know how amazing you are, and you are handsome too so please don't blame me if I have a crush on you or your taste in music... Maybe we should go on a picnic date sometime, I could make the sandwich and you can bring the wine and together we can spend the afternoon answering crossword puzzles or laughing at "SMS Curhat Kita" section from Koran Lampu Merah. I will bring my Mac and lure you to be my partner in crime in abusing my Photobooth or we could go hipster and take pictures from Polaroid camera or the phone and put it on Instagram, whatever suits you, will suits me too... *tsaah*

I guess I've said what I wanted to say. I'd like to say that I support #wikipediablackout too, but it's a bit out of topic...

PS: I seriously think we should go on a date... Do you have Last.fm account? Cos if you do, I know "our musical compatibility" will convince you the exact same thing..

Love and kisses,
<3 :*

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